Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 369) Debilitated

Sharp pain runs across Stephen’s shoulders and his arms ache as he feels a knee pressing firmly onto his back. Cold metal handcuffs clamp around his wrists and a hand presses against his neck holding him in place. The thought of being confined and debilitated frightens him, for what if the creature attacks him while in this state. What if it comes for him and he cannot defend himself?

There are so many people talking and moving around that Stephen cannot focus on any single voice. One thing he does know for sure is that the woman in the house is no longer screaming. To him this can mean one of two things. Either she is dead or still alive but severely injured. Two men very near him are speaking to each other with angst, but since Stephen’s ability to translate is minimal, he does not understand a word they are saying.

Moving slightly, he tries to turn his head to look in the direction of the house but the pressure from the man holding his neck is too strong. The more he attempts to move, the harder the man pushes. Finally, he manages to wiggle and shift just enough to press his chin into the dirt and to view his surroundings.

There in front of Stephen, within arm’s length, sits what he believes to be the Guta.


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