Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 370) Awestruck

Sitting there staring at Stephen is a beast who closely resembles the creature the old woman spoke of. During his encounter with the men at the bar, it was given a name. In talking with them and hearing the stories they told, he knows without a doubt that the monster here in the yard, the one that was pounding its fists down on the poor woman in bed, is indeed the demon they spoke of.

The long thin limbs of the beast are out of proportion compared to its body as it sits in a squatting position. Appearing to be intrigued by Stephen, it lifts its left hand to its mouth, and nibbles at its fingers much like a nervous child. The creatures face is expressionless and its gaze composed as it watches Stephen as if awestruck and in deep thought.

Stephen knows he is in an extremely vulnerable position with his hands clasped by a police officer’s cuffs. Possibly the only thing saving him from a torrent of abuse is the fact that the officer is there with him, holding him down. Yet, just like the woman in the arms of her husband, it would not matter to this tormentor.


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