Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 371) Tremble

With a giggle, as if it knew exactly what Stephen was thinking, the Guta grins and nibbles harder at its own fingernails, spitting the shreds out as it bites off little pieces. Again, this strange creature grins and laughs louder as it pushes its head forward then squints its eyes as if angry. Stephen turns his head to the side, closing his eyes as fear begins to take over. He starts to tremble for he knows this monster is there, within inches of him.

“Hey, you alright?” The officer holding Stephen down asks.

He can feel the tremors moving uncontrollably through Stephen’s body and he rolls him over on his back to look at him. Now holding Stephen’s chin, the officer gently shakes his head and repeats the question.

“Are you okay?” He asks clearly concerned.

“No, I. . .” Stephen begins to speak but he cannot seem to explain himself as he closes his eyes tight.

The officer yells at another man and they both pull Stephen to his feet as he feverishly looks around for any sign of the creature. With his body shaking in fear and his eyes scouring the crowd, some may believe he is having a seizure. Still in handcuffs, the men escort him to a car where they place him in the back seat, check his pulse, and cover him in a blanket before shutting the door. Quickly, an officer gets in and starts the engine.


Copyright © 2014 All rights reserved.
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