Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 374) Bleak

As the car stops Stephen looks up and now realizes how painful his arms and wrists feel due to the handcuffs. Another officer opens Stephen’s door as the driver steps out of the car. Without words, all three men walk into the small building where one escorts Stephen to a cell and then removes the handcuffs. The men begin speaking to one another as the metal door is locked, leaving Stephen alone in his own thoughts.

They have not taken any of his personal belongings from him and even through Stephen has never been jailed in the past, he finds it odd to still have his keys, wallet, a small knife, and even his pills with him. Looking around the cell and out at the men who are now in an adjacent room, he slowly and quietly manages to pull one of his pills from its container swallowing it quickly.

Feeling alone, not just here in the small room but alone in the world, he believes his future is as bleak as it has ever been. Taking a seat on the small cot he leans back against the wall hoping the pill will take effect quickly. The thumping sound of his beating heart is loud in his ears as are the voices of two officers.


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