Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 376) Out Of Bed

“Damn Kate.” Stephen says under his breath. “She ruined everything.” He whispers as he opens his eyes. “Do they think I killed her?” He questions in a mumble as he closes his eyes once again. “Do they think I was going to kill the woman tonight?” He recalls the Guta sitting on the bed with the couple. “I was trying to save her. . . god I hope I saved her.” He says softly as he leans back even further and drifts off to sleep.

The wind outside continues to blow as clouds thicken the sky above. Zsofia awakens from a dream she cannot remember, but she knows she is afraid. Looking around her dark room, she pulls the covers up over her shoulders and lets her eyes focus on the obscure lighting. She is at that state when depth perception is a little off and simple things begin to look distorted, or as if they are moving.

“Tamas?” She questions as she tries to see if he may be in the room.

With the wind howling outside causing the windows and house to pop and creak, she fears this may have awakened him as well. If so, he may be frightened or unable to fall back to sleep. Sitting up in bed, Zsofia turns the lamp on that is sitting next to her on a small table. As expected, she finds herself alone in the bedroom but hears movement in the hallway.

“Tamas?” She asks again as she gets out of bed and quickly walks over to her open door.


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