Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 378) Tears Flow

The last time Zsofia actually spoke with Stephen was the day Kate barged in causing a delightful afternoon to end on a very sour note. Zsofia still feels the hurtful pangs of watching Kate kiss Stephen and the awkwardness when he did not immediately stop her. To Zsofia, she almost feels as if she herself was in the wrong and had overstepped her bounds.

She knows nothing of Stephen’s relationship with Kate or any of the details that led up to Kate’s demise. In her heart, she knows Stephen had nothing to do with the death of his ex-girlfriend, but she also feels a sense of loss for the connection she and Stephen made just before Kate arrived. She feels a great deal of sadness that what was building between them has ceased and may not be repairable.

Leaning up in bed, Tamas reaches over and wipes a tear from his sister’s cheek. Zsofia knew she was in deep thought, but had no idea she was beginning to cry, and the kindness from Tamas makes her tears flow even more.

“Why are you. . . sad?” Tamas says as tears begin to form in his eyes as well.


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