Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 379) May Be Lost

“Oh, I just. . .” Zsofia pauses as she fights the lump of tension forming in her throat. “I just don’t know if he likes me the way I like him.” She blinks quickly trying to stop the free-flowing emotions as she reaches out and holds Tamas by the hand. “I’m tired too which makes me a little more emotional.” She smiles. “Do not worry about it, okay?” She says happily, as she tries to cover her true feelings but Tamas continues to look at her with concern. “Go to sleep dear brother, I’ll see you in the morning.”

Zsofia smiles at Tamas as she leaves his room and pauses to look in on her grandfather before going back to her own bed. Once under the covers, she stares up at the ceiling and thinks about the kiss she and Stephen shared while sitting by the beautiful large window of the manor. She could tell something was growing between them but now fears, even with Kate’s death, that those feelings may be lost in the circumstances surrounding her mysterious demise. A single tear trickles out of the corner of her eye and runs down the side of her face. Just before it hits the pillow, she brushes it away with her finger.


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