Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 382) Deduced

“Hey,” the man in the cell next to Stephen says in a low voice. “They are coming to talk to you.”

He then quickly sits down on his cot and acts as if he is ignoring everyone. Stephen follows his lead and as soon as he too takes a seat, the group walks up to his cell door.

“Istvan, Stephen.” Laszlo shakes his head for calling Stephen the wrong name. “I’m taking you home.”

Shocked by this unexpected statement, Stephen stands there dumbfounded. An officer unlocks the cell door and two of the men step inside. One of them Stephen recognizes as the husband to the woman. He immediately steps up to Stephen and grabs his hand for a handshake.

“He wants to thank you for waking him up.” The officer says. “If you had not noticed his wife was having convulsions, she may have died.”

“Convulsions?” Stephen questions.

“Yes, they checked her over and found no medical reason for her to be in such pain. They deduced she must have been having convulsions from a seizure.” The officer states firmly.

Stepping in behind them is the tall officer who came to the manor asking questions about Kate. He is the same man who pulled Zsofia aside when Stephen wanted to speak with her, and the same man who was sitting at the outdoor table with her late yesterday evening.


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