Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 384) Offended

“They called me first thing this morning, asking if I could come in to prove who you are.” Laszlo says quietly as they walk along the road but he then begins to laugh. “The way they were talking, I thought I was coming here to identify a body.”

Laszlo laughs again as he pats Stephen on the back. Unsure of how this can possibly be funny to the old man, Stephen becomes quite offended and stops to stand still. After two steps, Laszlo stops as well and looks up at Stephen a bit startled, and then he laughs again.

“Oh! I just realized how that sounded, I am sorry son.” The old man says as he pats Stephen on the shoulder once again. “I am relieved that you are alive.” He laughs and shakes his head at his misuse of terms. “They know that our families have been close for years and I was the only one they knew to call.”

“Well I suppose that makes sense.” Stephen says and deep down, he is thankful for the association. “I appreciate you coming here to get me out.”


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