Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 385) No Hero

“What were you doing out so late? They said you were a bit drunk and disorderly banging on someone’s window in the middle of the night yelling and screaming. Apparently a woman was taken to the hospital?” Laszlo says in a questioning tone but Stephen does not reply.

“The officer told me that once they calmed the woman’s husband down, he explained the situation with his wife, something about having an epileptic attack of some sort.” He looks at Stephen for an answer.

“Yeah, an attack or something.” Stephen replies without divulging any of the details, as he knows them to be.

“Her husband said you had nothing to do with her situation other than your yelling and banging on the window woke him up.” Laszlo says as he shuffles over a rough patch in the road. “It sounds like she may have died if it weren’t for you alerting him.”

“I’m no hero.” Stephen replies as he shoves his hands into the pockets of his jacket.

“What drew your attention to the house in the first place?” The old man asks. “I find it odd that you would have known to look in the window.”


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