Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 387) Did You Enter

“Are you sure Tamas isn’t just walking around, maybe to the manor?” Stephen suggests.

“That was my first thought too but. . . I just came from there.” Zsofia says as if out of breath and without looking at Stephen.

“Did you enter the building?” Laszlo quickly asks.

“No. . .” Zsofia pauses as she looks at her feet. “I didn’t want to. . .” She pauses again without finishing her statement for her excuse is that she did not wish to speak with Stephen and she had no idea he was detained in town. “Oh this is my fault. Where has he gone?”

“How could this be your fault?” Stephen quizzes but is quickly interrupted by Laszlo.

“Let’s get inside and see if we can figure this out in a calm way.” Laszlo says as he takes his granddaughter by the hand. “Stephen, please join us.” He says without looking up to make sure Stephen is following.

The three of them enter the house and sit down at the small square table in the kitchen. With lace curtains and hard woods as the main decorative pieces, the house is cozy and warming.

“Excuse me,” Stephen says to Laszlo, “I’ve been locked up all night, may I use your restroom?”

“Of course, yes. It’s down the hall to the right.” The old man says as he rubs his hands together as if they hurt.


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