Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 390) He Could Be

“Stephen, I meant to say this to you earlier, when we were walking from town.” Laszlo says earnestly for he wonders if his own actions are causing the strange apprehension between the younger adults. “I want to apologize for the way I spoke to you a couple of days ago, when you nearly knocked me down at the manor’s door.” He looks Stephen in the eyes. “It was reckless of me to say such a thing and I am sorry.”

Stephen is so accustom to people treating him like an outcast that he nearly forgot the entire incident. With an appreciative grin, he nods to Laszlo in an understanding way.

“Thank you for that.” Stephen says as he looks up once again at Zsofia and Laszlo clears his throat.

“I am going to go look for Tamas and I want you two to check the manor.” Laszlo states with authority.

“I just came from the manor and. . .” Zsofia begins to say as she turns around but her grandfather interrupts her.

“He was not there, I know that’s what you said, but he may be there now and if you did not check the door, he could be inside.” The elderly man says in a calm tone. “Maybe he took the longer path that leads to the back of the manor and he is now waiting for Stephen to come home. However, if the doors are locked, do not enter the dwelling, just come straight back here.” Laszlo states as an order. “You two, take the path through the woods and I’ll walk the road. He cannot be far.” He affirms in a positive way.


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