Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 392) For That

“Zsofia, I’m sorry.” Stephen says as he steps closer to her as she slowly begins walking.

“For what?” She questions nervously as she begins walking slightly faster.

“For everything.” He replies as he slips up next to her.

“I highly doubt you’re to blame for any of this.” She replies almost with a laugh, but tears well up in her crystal blue eyes as she thinks about their friendship.

“For that.” Stephen says as he grabs her arm forcing her to stop and look at him. “You are walking away as if you are afraid of me or worse, hate me.” He says quickly but without giving her a chance to reply he continues. “I’m sorry for not turning Kate away when it was obvious that was the only thing I should have done. I was just, she is. . . she was always so overbearing.”

“So what happened?” Zsofia asks as she watches Stephen’s face for expressions.

“With she and I?” He questions as he releases her arm.

“That night.” Zsofia says softly. “What happened after Tamas and I left the day she arrived?” She looks out at the woods as a cool breeze flows past them blowing her light blonde hair over her shoulder.


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