Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 393) The Rule

“After you and Tamas left, I told Kate she was not welcomed.” Stephen says honestly. “However, I also understood she probably needed a place for the night or until she made travel plans.” He looks over his shoulder. “I suggested she sleep on the couch, and then I went to the kitchen where I fell asleep in the chair.”

Zsofia grins at the thought of him sitting on a hard wooden chair, in the dark, teetering back and forth, as he nods off. She looks up at him only after she is able to control her expression and as it softens, she speaks.

“So if she stayed there, how did she end up in town?” She asks as she looks at him trying to read the answer as if it is written on his face.

“I don’t know. When I woke up, the house was dark and the front door was wide open.” He states quietly as if he is afraid someone other than Zsofia will hear him.

“The door was open?” She asks with surprise. “But no one was watching it and we are never supposed to do that.” Zsofia looks around at the woods surrounding them.

Again, she has mentioned the rules of the door at the manor. He cannot help but feel she was told this as a young child for she never questions the rule. Yet, as odd as the door issue is, the old woman in town made comments about it as well. In watching her actions though, Zsofia looks around at the various sections of the forest and Stephen cannot help but think she knows more than she is telling.


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