Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 394) Suspicious

“I know it sounds suspicious, but I went into town to have a drink. She saw me on the street and came at me, yelling and causing a scene but that is all I know.” Stephen says without blinking. “Your friend, the police officer took her back to the hotel.”

He looks her in the eye to prove his story is real and she stares at him for the longest time, almost as if looking into the numerous thoughts circulating in his head, and then she speaks.

“I do not believe the rumors going around that you had something to do with her death. Neither does grandfather.” She says as she breaks eye contact and begins walking once again. “Was Kate ill?” She asks as she pauses to look at him while waiting for his reply.

“Do you believe in ghosts? Maybe not ghosts, but. . . evil creatures or beings?” He quizzes.

“That is an odd question to ask me.” She replies as they begin to stroll along. “I believe in spirits I suppose, why do you ask and what does this have to do with your girlfriend?”

“Zsofia, let me make this clear.” He stops and Zsofia does the same. “Kate and I, we were over and done with months ago, please believe me.”

Zsofia looks him in the eyes and then her attention goes to the trees as the next gust of wind weaves its way through the forest. She nods her head that she agrees with his statement.


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