Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 397) Protective

“Tamas?” Stephen yells.

The sound of his voice seems to boom throughout the room but as soon as the tone fades, all grows quiet. Images of the night before begin to seep into his mind in a repetitious replay of details. As he thinks of the woman and man who were oblivious to what was stirring around them. They had no idea of the taunting creature that was moving about. He wonders what may have happened if he had not intervened when he did.

Gently Stephen pulls his arm free of Zsofia’s grasp but not to push her away. Instead, he pulls her closer holding her tightly at the waist as she presses herself to him. If something unworldly is here around them, he wants to make sure he protects her from harm.

“Tamas!” Stephen yells out once again and with no response, he somehow feels that the manor is empty. “I know this place is massive, but honestly, I don’t think he is here.”

“But with the door unlocked. . . what if he wandered in?” Zsofia questions as she looks up at Stephen.

“He is not able to manage the stairs very well, so he would be in this general area.” Stephen says calmly.

He turns to face her but does not release his hold as she looks into his eyes. The fear she feels for her brother is evident and he wants to tell her everything will be all right, but he knows all too well what can be. Pulling her tightly he holds her in his arms as she buries her head in his chest. There is an understanding between them, a type of serenity and Stephen feels oddly composed and protective.

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