Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 398) All Is Quiet

“I’m so worried.” Zsofia says just under her breath.

Stephen tightens his hold on her and in doing so is not sure if his actions are for her or himself. Standing there quietly in this embrace has somehow empowered him.

“Zsofia, listen,” Stephen says as he pulls back so he can make eye contact. “We will find him.” He reassures her. “Let’s look around on the ground floor and if we do not find him here, we will head back to your house. Maybe your Grandfather has made contact with him by now.”

“Alright.” She says softly as she takes Stephen’s hand in hers.

Without speaking, they search the sitting room and dining room together and decide to split up as they enter the kitchen.

“I’ll look down the hall if you will double-check your favorite place, the conservatory.” Stephen grins for he knows how much she adores it.

Stepping out from the back entrance to the kitchen and the spiral staircase to the second floor, Zsofia walks to the right as she makes her way to the conservatory. Stephen looks down the darkened hallway of the north wing and listens for any sounds that may prove Tamas is here, but all is quiet.


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