Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 399) Devilish

Turning to his right, Stephen notices the basement door is ajar which shoots a chill through his bones. Gently he pulls the door open and looks down at the depth of the earthen basement. Ever since they entered the unlocked door to the manor, his thoughts have been on the stories the men in the bar shared and the words from the old woman. She spoke of a trap and the release of a devilish creature that now walks freely among them. Most importantly, she warned that he has put his friends in harm’s way.

“Tamas?” Stephen says loudly but his voice is muffled by the thickness of the space. “Are you down there?” He questions as he flips the light on but again, there is no reply.

“I do not believe he is here, Stephen.” Zsofia says from behind him, which causes him to jump slightly.

He felt a jolt and that familiar tingling feeling that seems to run up his legs when caught off guard or spooked. However, Zsofia does not react as if she noticed his fear and with her comment, he gladly turns the basement light off. Backing up the three steps he managed to go down, he shuts the basement door and pulls on the knob to make sure it will not pop open on its own.


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