Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 401) With Time

“I’m so sorry, Zsofia.” Stephen says as he stops and looks at her.

“For what?” She questions as she turns to face him.

“For not remembering you all these years and for not realizing until it was too late that what happened with Kate the other day, with her insulting demeanor, hurt you. Most of all for getting close enough to put you in harm’s way.” He affirms.

“What do you mean harm’s way?” She questions. “Tamas is missing but not because of you, but because he wandered away.”

“But he always comes here where. . . where something sinister hides.” Stephen replies as he looks at the building of his ancestors but Zsofia grins.

“I have been coming here and cleaning for years, Stephen. That was of my own doing and I never felt threatened or frightened, until your great-uncle passed. After that, it did seem colder here.” She pauses and looks toward the woods that fill in the space all the way around the building. “But then you arrived and. . .” she smiles in a shy way, “and the warmth returned in an even more compelling way.” Slowly she leans in, lifting up on her toes as she kisses Stephen softly.

Pulling her close he holds her in his arms tightly as if shielding her from the mysteries around them. Never before has he wanted so badly to protect someone, care for and love, until he met Zsofia. Her comforting nature and understanding of him is unlike any other relationship he has had. There is a bond between them that he cannot explain and one he hopes will only grow stronger with time.


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  1. It is a beautiful bond!

    June 22, 2015 at 6:23 pm

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