Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 402) Urgency

With his lips pressed to hers and her body against his, Stephen and Zsofia begin to get lost in the moment. It is obvious the feelings Zsofia has for Stephen are powerful and in complete unison with his. For Stephen, life up until this moment has been dark and lonely as if wandering aimlessly alone, never to find where he belongs. Right now, here with Zsofia, he feels whole.

Off in the distance, in the direction of Zsofia’s home, is a scream of agony, which crashes this moment of awakening into a nightmare.

“What was that?” Zsofia says as she pulls away to look in the direction of the woods.

She and Stephen stand still, listening. Just as she turns to look at Stephen another shrill cry of pain drifts in on the wind from the opposite side of the forest.

“That sounds like grandfather,” Zsofia says as she and Stephen look at one another.

“Come on!” Stephen says with urgency as he grabs her hand and they begin running down the path.

Even though the wooded path is well traveled and maintained by Laszlo, many low hanging branches and undergrowth shrubs grab at them as they rush by. The treetops are blowing wildly in the windy conditions and they have not heard any other cries for help.

Stephen is not sure if this is due to his and Zsofia’s noisy and hurried dash through the woods, or if whomever it is no longer has a breath to breathe. He can tell Zsofia is growing tired from this sprint and he slows his pace to allow her to catch her breath.


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