Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 406) Interruption

With her hand under her grandfather’s head for support, Zsofia begins talking to him as his eyes flutter in response, but he cannot keep them open and he does not utter a word. It is obvious Zsofia cannot hear the sounds from her grandfather’s tormentor as it sits across from her gurgling and sighing, as it grows impatient from this interruption.

Slowly the foul fiend tips its head to the side and focuses in Zsofia’s direction as if trying to look her in the eyes. It then glances to Stephen as a hideous curl rises on one side of its long thin dry mouth. Now bending down almost on all fours like a dog, its crooked features curved in odd abnormal directions, it focuses in on Zsofia. Lifting its right arm and extending its long bony fingers, it begins to reach out to touch her face.

The terror running through Stephen at this moment is beyond what he feels he can handle. Even so, he cannot bear to have anything happen to Zsofia. Flooding emotions consume him as he begins to panic.



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