Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 407) The Sight

In Stephen’s panicked state, he now realizes Zsofia is the only real and true friend he has ever had. He cares more about her than any other person he has met and without any reservations, he bolts forward grabbing Zsofia, pulling her away before the creature gets any closer.

Remarkably, Tamas was making the same move but instead of targeting Zsofia, he ends up lying over his grandfather to protect him. Due to the quick and unexpected movements of Stephen and Tamas, the wicked beast scurries away much like a rat escaping the clutches of a hungry cat. It makes a dry scratching sound as its bare feet scuff on the wooden floor for traction. Tamas lunges forward trying to grab the skin stretched figure by the foot but is not successful.

It is now, after this sickening episode, that Stephen realizes he is not the only one cursed with the sight of such a creature. He now knows without any doubt, Tamas has the ability to see the Guta as well. Overwhelmed with mixed emotions, Stephen also understands this validates what he knows to be true. The monster from his childhood is real and not some figment of his imagination as so many doctors have told him. This realization terrifies him, yet relieves him just the same.

As Tamas turns, he looks at Stephen with sorrow in his eyes and lets out a soft whimpering sound of sadness. The young man hugs his grandfather, who is still flat on the floor facing up, drifting in and out of consciousness with his back against the cold hard wooden planked floor. The old man is mumbling but no true words are decipherable in his ramblings.


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