Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 410) Victims

“I need to notify the doctor, we need to get help for grandfather.” Zsofia states as she lifts Tamas’ head so he will look at her.

The young man’s eyes are pooling with tears and he refuses to release his grip on his grandfather’s shirtsleeve and hand. Tamas has fear in his eyes and Zsofia recognizes it immediately for she too is fearful of their grandfather’s condition. Leaning in, she kisses Tamas on his forehead as she attempts to assure him that everything will be fine.

“I am going to call the doctor, please stay with grandfather.” She requests of Stephen as she quietly stands up.

Stephen stands as well because he knows the monster escaped the room by running down the hall, but to where? Is it still in the house, will it target Zsofia next? He knows he cannot let that happen and even if this makes him appear as crazy as everyone thinks him to be, then that is the price he is willing to pay. In his mind, this torturous disarray has followed him and become a part of who he is. It could very well be the death of him as well, but it must end there without more victims.


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