Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 411) Feeble

Zsofia walks in the opposite direction of where the beast ran to as Stephen steps around Laszlo and Tamas. He looks down the hall where the frightening Guta went and listens for any possible sounds coming from the rooms. Muffled in the distance he can hear Zsofia’s voice so he slowly begins walking down the hall. After several steps, he turns and looks back at Tamas who is staring at him, frightened and almost panicked. This reaction causes him to retreat from his search and return to the young man’s side.

“You and I can see it.” Stephen states in a low voice as he looks down at Tamas and the young man nods his head up and down. “Was this your friend? This is the one from the woods?” Again, Tamas nods yes but begins to weep.

Laszlo begins to cough as he tries to talk so Stephen sits down next to him. The old man is very frail and his hand is shaking violently as he tries to raise it but from exhaustion, he drops it back to the floor.

“Mr. Eszes, Zsofia is calling someone, we are going to get you some help.” Stephen says in a calm tone. “Just relax it’s going to be okay.”

The old man tries to lift his head but again the slightest movement is too much for him and this feeble attempt fails. Stepping back into the room, Zsofia brings a blanket to cover him along with a small pillow to support his head. Tamas backs away from his grandfather as his sister tucks the blanket around his feet and shoulders.


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