Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 412) Theory

After the doctor arrives and tends to his patient and several hours have transpired, Laszlo Eszes is stable and in need of rest. He is now able to speak but in a light airy voice. To keep his strength up, he has been sipping on warm broth that Zsofia quickly prepared. The prognosis from the attending physician is that Laszlo suffered a mild stroke, which caused temporary paralysis. This is his way of explaining the loss of mobility and the pain the poor man was feeling.

To Stephen, it is simply the doctor’s way of explaining away what he cannot actually conclude as a medical condition. It is exactly as the men at the bar said, the cruel beatings from the Guta are relentless and those in the medical field have no other theory than to blame it on a stroke, heart attack, paralysis, or worse. . . natural death.

A nurse has arrived to assist Laszlo for the rest of the day and to help care for Tamas while Zsofia goes into town. Now that things have settled down and after Stephen has had a long talk with Tamas, he believes they will be safe, at least for now. After assuring Laszlo that he will escort Zsofia to her shop, the two of them leave the house and begin their walk down the country lane.


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