Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 413) Final Months

Not only does Stephen wish to spend time with Zsofia and guarantee she makes it into town okay, but he also wishes to speak with the old woman named Klara. He is fully prepared to demand she reveal all that she knows about him, his family, and the Guta. He knows from their last conversation that she is aware of many secrets when it comes to his family. He also believes there is something she is not telling him and before the day is through, he expects to gain knowledge of it.

The afternoon sun warms the now mellow breeze as Stephen and Zsofia nervously leave her grandfather and Tamas under the care of a nurse. It seems odd to Stephen to leave but he knows staying would not make any difference to the Guta. If that evil thing wants to kill, nothing can stop it. He feels it is more important to learn what Klara has to say, to see if she has any advice on the best actions to take, than to sit waiting for the next attack.

“I am worried about my grandfather.” Zsofia says as she looks down at her feet kicking up dust from the edge of the road.

“I can understand that.” Stephen replies for he knows the feeling all too well.

“There is something strange about it all, it’s too similar.” She continues.

“Similar. . . similar to what?” He questions.

“Your great-uncle, it is the same.” She looks at Stephen with worry. “It is exactly how his final months began.”


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