Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 414) Seen With Me

Stephen realizes Zsofia is piecing things together with the comparison to his great-uncle. He wonders if she has ever heard of the Guta but is unsure of how to approach the subject without offending her or worse, leaving her with the impression that he is insane.

“You do not have to walk me to town you know.” She shields her face from the bright sun.

“I want to.”  Stephen replies as he touches her arm then quickly adds, “I also want to speak with the old woman.”

“Klara?” She quizzes as she looks down at her feet to avoid the intense rays of sunshine glaring down on them.

“Yes, she acts like she knows a lot about our families and I need to find out what exactly it is she can tell me.” He says as he looks up at the treetops. “I think she knows details of what happened to my grandfather and great-uncle, possibly even your grandfather.”

“She is a bit eccentric and no one takes her seriously.” Zsofia says with a slight laugh. “Are you sure you want the town gossiping about you?”

“I’m sure they already are.” He replies and in an honest way, for he believes he has always been tagged as an outcast. “Are you sure you even what to be seen with me?”

Zsofia stops as Stephen takes three more steps then turns around to look at her. Her fists are clinched and the look on her face is of anger. She is just standing there, looking him in the eyes.


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