Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 415) Kiss Me

“What is it?” Stephen questions half laughing as he waits for Zsofia, who is clearly angry, to reply.

“Don’t you ever say that!” She steps up to him in an intimidating way.

A slight gust of wind sweeps at her hair causing it to lap over her shoulder as she reaches up and touches his cheek. With just a few inches between them, they gaze into each other’s eyes and she leans in, barely touching his lips as she holds back a kiss.

“Kiss me.” She whispers as he responds to her demand.

Thin wisps of her hair brush against his cheek as they hold each other in the moment. The wonderful scent of her long tresses, tickle at his nose, awakening him to the lemon and berry fragrance he has grown to know. With her hands at his waist, holding tightly to his shirt, she pulls herself closer as his arms surround her in a powerful hold. The sun beats down on them and the warmth of their passion almost becomes too much and they both pull back to break the kiss.

Stephen looks into Zsofia’s eyes and the sweetness of her expression makes him smile as he puts his arm around her. Without words, they continue walking as he holds her close and she slips her arm around him at the waist. Rounding the corner the town begins to come into view and Stephen starts to feel nervous about confronting the old woman.


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