Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 426) Toppled

Finally, after walking what seemed to be twice as long to get to Zsofia’s house, they arrive winded and thirsty from the warmth of the day. They both had reservations about leaving in the first place, but since both Laszlo and Tamas were under the care of a nurse, it seemed like a few hours would be fine. However, as they enter the house, they realize something is indeed terribly wrong, just as Klara stated.

Sitting on the floor, with her back against the wall, is the nurse. A gash across her brow is bloody and her eyes glassy as she mumbles under her breath. Chairs are toppled and lying on the floor as if someone ran around the table purposely doing so. On the walls, pictures are crooked and displayed in a haphazard fashion when a mere two hours ago, everything was neatly in place.

“Oh no, are you alright?” Zsofia says as she rushes to the woman’s side. “What happened?” She asks the nurse and then she looks up at Stephen with concern.

“I. . . I was.” The nurse begins to speak but then stops.

Stephen quickly picks up on Zsofia’s demeanor and immediately walks down the hall to the adjacent rooms for any sign of Tamas or Laszlo. The entire house is very still, quiet does not explain the strange essence of the rooms as he peeks around the corners hoping not to find a corpse. So far there is no sign of anyone as Stephen heads directly to the last room.


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