Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 427) Disoriented

Making his way to the guest room at the end of the hall, Stephen finds the elderly man asleep and breathing normal, but Tamas is not here by his grandfather’s side. As he inspects the room more closely, he realizes there must have been a fight, for several books are sitting on the floor and the bookshelves are bare. In the corner, a tall overturned lamp is lying across a dark woven carpet and very quietly, Stephen stands it back up.

Zsofia joins him as she quietly enters the room to sit by her grandfather’s side. Holding his hand and talking to him, she does not receive a response and tears silently begin to roll down her cheeks. It has all started to catch up with her as this moment of silence allows her mind to replay the events of the day.

“How is the nurse?” Stephen questions as he stands next to the bed and puts his arm around Zsofia.

“She is very disoriented and not thinking rationally.” Zsofia replies.

“Why do you say that?” Stephen questions with doubt, for he knows how odd things can appear when not everything is visible, like an attack by the Guta.

“She said Tamas was acting out, breaking things, and she got the cut on her head after he pushed her down.” Zsofia chokes back tears. “Tamas would never do that.” She says as if the air she needs in order to speak words, will not come.


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