Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 428) Don’t Do That

In getting to know Tamas, Stephen agrees that this is not a reflection of his caring behavior and he would never harm a person, not intentionally anyway. In looking around the room again, he deduces to himself that if Tamas did anything, it was to save the nurse from a horrific attack and yes, he may have very well pushed her to protect her. Yet, how do you explain that to someone unable to see the demon as it moves around you?

After checking to make sure no harm has come to Laszlo. Stephen and Zsofia turn to go back into the hall when they see a bloody hand print on the door frame. Zsofia covers her mouth to keep from crying out for she fears it is from her brother’s hand.

“Don’t do that, don’t think bad things.” Stephen says quietly as he puts his arm around her. “Tamas is fine, okay? Tamas is fine. We just have to find him, and that is all. I haven’t checked upstairs yet.” Stephen starts to say.

“I did just before I came to grandfathers room. Tamas is not up there either.” Zsofia says softly.

Now that the nurse has had time to recover from the ordeal, she is sitting at the kitchen table sipping a cup of tea. She looks up as Stephen and Zsofia enter the room. Speaking in Hungarian, both women engage in conversation and Zsofia looks at Stephen with wide eyes.


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