Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 429) Comfort Zone

“What did she tell you?” Stephen asks as Zsofia pauses in her conversation with the nurse.

“She said Tamas kept repeating your name. He kept saying Stephen over and over as he moved around the room knocking things onto the floor and finally pushing her down before fleeing down the hallway.” The woman begins speaking again as Zsofia turns toward her to listen.

“She chased after him but something happened, she is not sure what, but somehow she was pushed to the floor hard enough to go unconscious.” Zsofia looks over at the area where they found her and then continues. “She said she could hear Tamas yelling and she is positive he was heading in the direction of the woods.

“The manor.” Stephen says, as he looks out the window at the thick grove of trees that tower overhead. “You stay here, with your grandfather, and help the nurse. I’ll go find Tamas.”

He has no idea why, but he feels empowered. Maybe it is because he knows Tamas needs help and cannot defend himself, or maybe it is because he no longer has concern for his own safety. Anger is flooding his veins and this rush of adrenaline is pushing him to step out of his well maintained comfort zone.


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