Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 430) Fate

With the sun now lowering itself near the horizon, Stephen does one final walk through the lower level of the house. He needs to make sure the Guta is not here lingering, and after speaking with Klara earlier, he knows what he must do. The beast wants him as payment for something his ancestors did and she made it sound as if this will be his destiny no matter where he goes. There will be no escape and running will only prolong the inevitable.

A weighty sadness has fallen over Stephen. What seems odd, even to him, is that he seems to have accepted his fate. His concern and need to protect Zsofia and her family outweighs his own personal safety and never before has he had such strength and courage. If his willingness to confront the monster is what it takes to keep the woman he is falling in love with from harm, then there is no question in what he must do. He knows his actions may very well lead to his death, yet again, he does not see that there is any other way to proceed.

In looking at Zsofia, he is sure she is unaware of the dangerous assignment he is about to undertake. To her, this must simply be another walk through the woods to search the manor, just as they did earlier in the day. He doubts she realizes the strength it takes for him to take these steps and how difficult it is for him to leave her for what may end up being, forever. In silence, she walks with him to the door where he stops to say goodbye.


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