Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 431) Tears Begin

“Everything will turn out right, okay?” Stephen says as he stands close to Zsofia hoping she does not pick up on his fear.

“I hope you are right, Stephen.” She looks up at him as if trying to read his thoughts.

“No matter what happens today or tomorrow, I. . . I just want you to know I’ve never felt a connection to anyone like I do with you.” Stephen looks her in the eyes with sincerity, and without even so much of a nod, they understand each other.

“Please be careful. . . and please come back to me.” Zsofia states as tears begin to glisten in her eyes for it is at this moment she can no longer conceal the fear she feels for him.

Her statement strikes a common chord with Stephen for he realizes she too must be worried their relationship will end here, now, brutally cut off almost before it began. Zsofia steps forward, wrapping her arms around him as he pulls her into a tight embrace. By her stance and the way she is holding him, he realizes she is crying. Even though she is staying silent, he can tell by her breathing that she is fighting to hold it all in.


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