Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 433) Red Sky

Listening to the sounds that encompass the area, Stephen tries to stay calm and keep a steady pace, but the memory of he and Tamas seeing the Guta here in the woods rushes into his thoughts. Turning to look back at the darkening trail that seems to close in behind him, he slowly scans the underbrush for any sign of the demon.

The key focus of his thoughts is of how frightened Tamas may possibly be and how frantic Klara had become when she began to sense something was wrong. Because of the visions in his mind, he pushes himself onward determined to put an end to this cruel and ongoing mental torture.

Now, with a red sky glowing above him, he approaches the manor just as the sun drops below the horizon. The stone blocks of the building look as if they soaked up the color of the sun, as they appear to be drenched in a deep burgundy aura. The magnificent building stands atop the hill in a dominant way and today, there is definitely something different about it.

“The door is open.” He says to himself as he steps up to the entrance.

The lock is broken and the wood around the frame splintered as if someone of great determination forced his or her way in. The entry hall inside is dark but the lower level hall that stretches along the west wing is steady in its amber glowing lights.


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