Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 434) Sentiment

Slowly, Stephen steps inside the dark entry hall of the manor, quietly pushing the main door shut, but because of the broken frame, the lock will not latch. He glances into the sitting area on his right before walking to his left where the large dining room table encompasses the space. Feeling confident that he is alone, at least in these few rooms, he walks toward the dimly lit hallway and debates on if he should check the conservatory before inspecting the rest of the manor.

Looking up and down the hall, he listens carefully for any sounds or movement. This house is so massive and the sturdy rock walls so thick, that he doubts he would be able to hear anyone if they were calling for help. More than anything, he hopes that no one is in need of crying out, just merely lost in the maze of rooms and halls.

The large double doors to the conservatory are directly in front of him and for some reason he feels he must check there first. As quietly as possible, Stephen begins to push on the doors to slide them open enough for him to pass through. Animosity and frustration start to fill him up inside as he prepares for anything that may come his way.

Rushing images of his parents flash in his mind disturbing his vision as he watches them laugh and run after him in a game of tag. He forgot about the fun moments they shared as a family for the heartbreak he still feels from the shock of losing them overshadows the good. Why this is flooding in right now, while he is looking for an innocent minded friend, confuses him. He has managed to block those memories for many years and vowed to himself that he would never release his emotions freely to anyone ever again. Yet, here he is, full of sentiment for Zsofia and her family.


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