Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 436) Nightfall

“Now that is beautiful.” Stephen says to himself at how massive and perfectly designed this contained garden space is.

Whoever tends to the large outdoor garden on the east end of the manor must also be responsible for the upkeep of the conservatory. Looking again to his right he tries to see what, or whom, may be hiding there. Just as he leans up on the low wall for a better view, a sharp pain near his back bone, tremors throughout his body causing him to fall fast and hard against the stone floor.

In anguish, he tries to roll to one side so he can stand up but quickly all sounds muffle and he slowly drifts off to where his sleep takes him into darkness. His feeble attempt to stay alert is fading with his consciousness.

After allowing the nurse to go home for the night, Zsofia takes a few minutes to tidy things up and to feed her grandfather a cup of chicken broth. Worried about her brother, she feels staying busy will keep her mind off the matter, but even overworking does not help to put her active thoughts at rest.

Every few minutes she looks out the kitchen window hoping she will see Tamas and Stephen coming out of the woods. She knows Stephen stated he would not travel back after nightfall, but she cannot help herself.


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