Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 437) Presence

“Please have them be okay,” Zsofia mumbles just under her breath as she washes the dishes that have been sitting in the sink all afternoon. “Oh Tamas, what is going on with you?” She whispers as she walks down the hall and enters her grandfather’s room.

He looks so fragile to her and as soon as he finishes the small amount of broth he can eat, he falls fast asleep. Being extremely quiet, she walks across the room and pulls a chair up close to his bed where she sits down and touches his hand with hers.

Watching him sleep, she finds herself to be exhausted and gently lays her head down next to her grandfather’s hand. For a short while, she just lies there watching his face as he rests peacefully. She does not even realize it, but the rhythm of the ticking clock is lulling her to sleep.

The night air is cooler than it has been these past few evenings. The manor’s thick walls of stone are losing the heat they radiated throughout the day and the entire place grows quiet. Just inside the entrance to the conservatory, lying on the cold stone pathway face down, Stephen is not aware of the presence of the Guta.

Locked in a room on the second floor, Tamas sits with his knees pulled up and his arms holding them as he rocks back and forth. His eyes are red from crying and his clothes dirty from tramping through the woods to lure the Guta away from his grandfather, or so this is what he believed.


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