Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 438) The Games

Now that Tamas finds himself trapped and locked away in the manor, he feels betrayed and used. Even though his mental state is that of a younger child, he knows and understands fear. He can tell when something is amiss but most of all, he knows the difference between good and evil. At this moment, he realizes just how malicious things can be.

Right now, here alone in a strange darkening room, he is fearful and angry. To make it even worse, he does not understand exactly what it is he is dealing with when it comes to the games and mental abuse of the Guta. However, he knows it hurt his grandfather terribly and he had to draw it away from his family, which was a very mature and tactical thought process.

With quietness creeping in, he stands from his huddled position and tries the door handle for what must be the tenth time. It remains firmly closed, there is no budging the door, not tonight anyway. Stepping over to the bed and its dusty coverlet, he lies down on his side and curls his body up tight in a ball. He misses his sister and is worried about his grandfather and he wonders if he will ever see either of them again.


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