Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 440) Grow Colder

“Where the hell am I?” Stephen whispers as he slowly opens his eyes. “What happened?”

The bright lights are too much for him and thankfully, he is sitting right below the switches. Lifting his right arm up, he pulls down on the bottom switch and the main lights of the conservatory darken. With the tree lights still glowing up the trunks, and the gray rain filled sky above, the garden takes on a strange misty and hazy atmosphere.

Not only is there a leak next to him, but he can hear several other areas where water is running in creating rhythmic sounds throughout the conservatory. High above him, one of the iron walkways makes a clanging sound as if someone just ran across it to the other side. It is this eerie, unnatural sound, which brings him fully awake causing his memories of the night to come back to him. He takes in a quick breath as chills run across his entire body and the air seems to grow colder within an instant.

Somewhere in the manor, Stephen cannot tell from where, he hears a voice. It is not a conversation, at least he does not think so, and he is unsure if it is coming from the open door to the main house, or from one of the three floors above him. Pulling himself up, he tips his head but hears nothing for the longest time except for the echo’s of rainwater. Just as he starts to leave the conservatory for the west hall, he hears the voice again.


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