Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 441) Flicker And Dim

“That sounds like Tamas.” Stephen says to himself as he looks up. “Tamas!” He yells hoping for a quick return but again the voice goes quiet. “That has to be him, but where the hell is he?” Stephen says as he steps from the noisy conservatory into the dimly lit hallway.

He looks to his left, which will take him to the south hall, but he hesitates in moving from where he stands. Lightning flashes close by sending a bright flicker of light into the conservatory as heavy rain begins to plummet down on the building and Stephen nervously reaches for his bottle of pills.

The bottle rattles in his unsteady hand as he tries to turn the lid as another crash of thunder pounds down on the area causing the lights to flicker and dim. The last thing he wants is to have to go into the basement if the storm kicks the breaker off shutting down the electricity. It was cold and damp and he now remembers the odd little room in the far southwestern corner.

Distracting him from his thoughts is the voice he heard only moments earlier. From his location here in the hallway, he can tell the voice is not coming from the bottom floor, it definitely sounds like it is on an upper level. Quickly he runs toward the south hall where in the corner, where the west and south halls meet, is a spiral staircase he can climb to the second floor.


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