Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 442) Trepidation

With hurried determination, Stephen races toward the south hall only stopping as he enters the small towering room of stairs. Again, from a floor or two above, he hears the voice calling out and now knows for sure it is Tamas.

“Tamas!” Stephen yells as he looks up, “I hear you!”

Hastily, Stephen begins to climb the iron steps and about half way up, he feels something tug at his pant leg causing him to trip. Catching himself on the rail, he looks down just as a thin reddish colored hand pulls back and out of sight from a lower step. Instantly a rush of terror develops which almost paralyses Stephen as he struggles to stand up. Did he just see the bony thin hand of the Guta? Is it here, in the manor, following him? Is that what happened to him last night? Did the Guta attack but for some reason choose not to kill him?

A loud ringing in his ears begins to build as the thought of becoming the target of this demon becomes real. It is this fear, this horrible trepidation, which causes him to bolt forward as he uses everything he has to sprint up the stairs, skipping one after another, until he reaches the second floor. However, he does not stop there, his fear is too great as he presses on to the third floor where he exits the stairs and runs out into the hallway unsure of where he is going.


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