Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 443) Slipping

Without looking, Stephen sprints to his left forcing open an iron door to the conservatory. Just before he steps through the threshold, he realizes the platform is broken and hanging sideways. Grabbing at the door his foot slips as he tries to step back to avoid falling three stories to the thick plantings below. Holding on with all his strength, the door swings wide, as far as it can go and he is hanging onto it for dear life. He feels his hands losing their grip as they start slipping on the moist surface.

None of the phantoms that have haunted him in his lifetime compare to the fright he feels at this very moment. The clarity of everything around him is remarkable as if he has a second sense of the smallest details. The cold green tone to the iron door, the bolts of the landing hanging out of the wall, the loud rushing sound of rain on the glass above are all flashing rapidly in great detail to him.

Looking at the opening to the hallway he just stepped from, he knows he must push himself hard enough to swing the door all the way back. He must get close to the doorway to jump onto solid flooring and he is beginning to wonder if this is even possible. As he slips down even further, his legs are now dangling below the bottom of the door. He kicks off from the wall but he does not build enough momentum to make the door swing far enough for him to access the hallway.


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