Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 444) Come To Play

Stephen’s hands are extremely slippery now from perspiration as the muscles in his arms begin to twitch under the stress of holding himself to the door. Off in the distance he again hears what sounds like Tamas yelling out for help making his efforts to get back to the hallway all the more urgent.

“Oh come on you stupid door!” He grunts as he once again presses his foot against the large stones of the wall and this time, the hinge of the door swings freely.

As the metal door gets closer to the opening, Stephen reaches out grabbing hold of the floor trim yet at the same time; his right hand continues to cling to the door. Hanging by his fingers his body presses against the wall of the contained garden as he takes in a deep breath. Hoping this will calm his nerves and give him strength as he tries to concentrate on releasing the door and pulling himself up into the hallway. Just as he gets his chest up level with the floor, a horrible sound fills his ears.

“Isssstvaaan,” The gravelly yet childlike voice hisses from the darkness of the hallway. “Have you come to play?” It states as the voice drops an octave half way through the question.


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