Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 446) Challenging

Almost mesmerized by the awkward way this beast walks, Stephen does not realize his own hands are slipping once again leaving him dangerously close to falling to his death. Suddenly, another call for help comes from down the hall and Stephen snaps out of his trance and reaches up to get a better hold on the surface. He recognizes without a doubt, that the voice crying out belongs to Tamas. This plea for help echoes from somewhere down the hall and Stephen knows he must get to him no matter what.

“He needs my help.” Stephen mumbles to himself without taking his eyes off the Guta who is staring directly at him with the blackest eyes. “What do you want from me?” He yells at the monster, which is now standing in the threshold of the door, its toes hanging out over the edge like a bird holding onto a branch.

An evil scratchy laugh exits the Guta’s mouth in a whirling transparent puff as its thin skin clings to its bones. There is banging from down the hall as if someone is pounding on a door and in this case, it is Tamas trying to get out. The Guta turns to look in the direction of the sound and then tips its head to the side as it peers back at Stephen in a competitive almost challenging manner.

“You leave him alone!” Stephen states forcefully as he stares at the mysterious and repugnant creature.


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