Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 448) Endless Voids

A loud screeching sound vibrates from the hinges of the door as it moves closer to the stonework of the wall. The Guta dips its head to its chin as it glares at Stephen who is quickly moving towards it. With both hands held out front, the monster clasps them together and raises them up over its head like a hammer.

Stephen knows this can mean only one thing; it will strike him down as soon as he gets within reach. He recognizes this posture for the creature used it to beat his grandfather to death. Now with the momentum of the closing door moving faster than his mind can think, he has no choice but to try to grab hold of the framework.

Reaching out with his left hand, he comes within inches of touching the long gnarled toes of the monster he so greatly fears. With his right hand on the door and his left on the frame, he dangles in the open space afraid to let go of either option. He hears the dry scratchy laugh of the creature standing above him and fearful of what is to come he closes his eyes as he braces for a blow, but nothing happens.

Suddenly his right hand slips from the iron door and his body hits the masonry wall. Just as he reaches up, grabbing the frame with his free hand, he sees the Guta standing over him, arms raised, and very much focused. The darkness of its eyes look like two endless voids and the stench of its flesh is of death and decay.


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