Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 453) You First

The four adults walk as fast as they can down the hall and to the spiral staircase where the west and south halls convene. As they carefully navigate the steps, the pace is slow and deliberate which they did not anticipate. However, they are moving nonetheless.

Stephen can see the severe worry on Zsofia’s face as she helps her grandfather maneuver the steps and Klara keeps looking back is if watching for a follower. Oddly, Stephen does not see the Guta but he feels increasingly unsettled and confused by the statements made and the hurried actions the group is taking. As they approach the second floor, wind and rain begin to pelt against the windows of the stairwell.

Stephen wishes Tamas would call to them so he can bring him to safety. He glances at Zsofia, who is looking at him, and he knows she is thinking the same thing. Nodding his head to her in an understanding way, they silently press forward. They exit onto the second floor hall and walk east, until come to the suite Stephen has chosen to be his room.

“We are here.” Klara states as she opens the door and holds her hand out to stop them. “There is salt along the threshold,” she says as she points down. “Do not disturb it; be careful and mindful as you step over it.”

She looks at the three of them for a few seconds as if allowing the instructions to set in. She then drops her hand to allow them to pass but points at Stephen.

“You first.” She commands.


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