Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 455) This Chaos

“You were part of this and kept it secret all these years.” Klara says in her Hungarian tongue to Laszlo. “Why did I not see it before?” She glances down the hallway. “It is your responsibility, not Istvan’s and not your grandchildren!” Klara states in a stern manner. “The chaos belongs to you Laszlo Eszes, and it is you who will set it straight.” Zsofia overhears this last statement.

“What is it he is to set straight?” Zsofia asks as she steps away from Stephen to walk back to the doorway.

“Stay inside; we must not disturb the entrance.” Klara says as she continues to hold her cane up as a barrier.

“Alright, but we are wasting time. We must find Tamas.”  Zsofia says calmly. “Grandfather?” She questions for she does not understand what is happening and he will not look her in the eye.

“He will be released from this game, won’t he Laszlo.” Klara states firmly a she lowers her cane.

Without saying a word, Laszlo steps across the row of salt on the floor and walks to the center of the room, where two sofas sit facing each other near the fireplace. He slowly sits down on the one to his right. With the storm raging outside, Stephen begins to build a fire to take the dampness out of the room. There is no talking amongst the group, only the occasional cleared throat and then Zsofia speaks up.


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