Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 457) Story To Tell

“I do not understand. What have you done and how was my grandmother involved?” Stephen asks of Laszlo as he grows more impatient that they are wasting valuable time. “We need to be looking for Tamas, not sitting here dredging up the past!”

“I agree with Stephen, we are wasting time and whatever happened in the past is in the past. I’m going to look for my brother.” Zsofia says as she heads for the door.

“You will do no such thing!” Klara states in a low tone as she grits her teeth before slamming her cane across the threshold like a gate. “Your grandfather has a story to tell and he needs you to hear it.” She closes her eyes as to not be so demanding and Zsofia turns around and looks at Stephen.

“Istvan, come. . . sit.” Klara says as she walks toward Stephen and motions for him and Zsofia to sit together on the sofa across from Laszlo. “Carry on, Laszlo, you have a captive audience.” She says as she walks back to her post near the open door.


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