Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 458) Fond Memories

“Your grandfather and I grew up together,” Laszlo states, “we were the best of friends and never a day went by that we did not spend time with each other. His family had money, mind did not, and that was never a problem within our individual households.” Laszlo looks up at Stephen.

“When he turned fifteen, he was sent away to school but we wrote letters and stayed in touch and he would come back twice a year to visit. It was around this time that I met your grandmother, Stephen.” The elderly man grows quiet for several seconds. “We, well. . . we fell in love.” He states as he looks down at his hands.

“We were very young and our time together was short lived because she and her family moved away a little over a year after they arrived in town. A year later I got word she married and was expecting a baby, so I moved on.” He grins as his memories filter into his mind.

“I was blessed in finding the beautiful wonderful woman who meant everything to me; this was your grandmother Zsofia.” He looks her in the eye. “We married and were very happy.” He smiles for these are fond memories and it is obvious to everyone in the room that he truly loved his wife.


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